A Word from The Inventor

My name is George P. Lanier and I am The Inventor. The name was attached to me by students and teachers when I first introduced the Chexagon Board. When I was asked to present Chexagon for Career Day at schools, the students would ask with excitement, "Did you invent this game!?" Thereafter, almost every student and many teachers referred to me as, "The Inventor". They were eager to play and hopefully beat, The Inventor.  Oh yes, I have been beaten by elementary students and adults alike, but not often.

I am always asked, "How did you come up with the idea that created the Chexagon Board?" I share with people that as a fifth grader I played checkers during school recess and break time. It was the game of choice. There were no video games in those days (1969). My daughters thinks that I lived during the Jurassic age. She thinks that my friends and I played with rocks. Yet it was the strategic game of checkers and chess type games that helped my skills in the classroom for learning and making thought provoking choices in life.

Iconic Checkerboard

Chexagon Board

As an adult I longed for the passion of playing checkers, but in a different way. I was inspired with the idea of playing checkers on a different styled checker board. But, surely there had to be a checkerboard by this time that would fit my needs. Not to be undaunted I had the idea of making the board different, but not just a larger sample of the iconic checker board.


Actually, Chexagon did not turn out to be larger than the traditional checkerboard, it was just right. I added 21 additional playable squares and instead of making a larger square board I changed the shape of the playing surface to a hexagon. Then I added two triangles at the right corners of the hexagon to give the board a squared appearance. The hexagon shape worked perfectly. Thus, the name Chexagon worked, it means of course checkers played on a hexagon board. It has gone far beyond my greatest dream for what I wanted in a uniquely different checker/chess board just for my own enjoyment. It is what a new generation of checkers and chess enthusiast desire. I hope that you will also. Enjoy!


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