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The Inventor 

My name is George P. Lanier and I am The Inventor. The title was attached to me by students and teachers when I first introduced the Chexagon Board. I was asked to share the story about how I invented the Chexagon Board to the fourth grade class at Church Street Elementary School in Riverdale, Georgia. It was  for Career Day. After that invitation I became a constant guest with elementary, junior and high schools all over metro Atlanta. 

The students, would get so excited was I shared my story. Showing them the history of my work from the first moment of inspiration to the early designs. Finally, as if by magic I would show them the final product that you see today.


With eyes wide open and excited facial expressions of every kind, the students would ask, "Did you invent this game?" Thereafter, almost every student and many teachers referred to me as, "The Inventor". They were eager to play and hopefully beat, The Inventor.  Oh yes, I have been beaten by elementary students, teachers and parents. But not often. 

New Checkerboard Technology

The burst of inspiration that lead to developing Chexagon with new checkerboard technology was simple. I wanted to make a checkerboard that was more creatively challenging than the traditional checkerboard. Yet not so complicated that it would take away from the iconic joy of playing checkers and checker-type games.  

So instead of making a bigger board, I could see that making a board with a more challenging terrane would be the right option. Instead of a larger squared board what about a hexagon shape. 

  • The checkerboard design is a square surface  with 32 playable squares  and 32 none playable squares. Traditionally players play on the black or darkest squares only. 

  • The Chexagon board is a hexagon playing surface design into a square by connecting 53 playable squares and 48 none playable squares and 8 none playable triangle and bordered on its right corner with two large triangles. Players play on  the red and blue squares. 

  • The checkerboard comes with 12 red and 12 black checkers. 

  • The Chexagon board comes with 15 red and 15 blue checkers.  

  • The checkerboard plays in one direction, straight forward. 

  • Chexagon plays in a right forward angle in three zones; right forward left forward and straight forward either left or right. 

  • The checkerboard has a single corner on the right side and a double corner on the left. 

  • Chexagon has a single corner on the left side and ridge of five spaces on the right side. 

You can play checkers  in the same amount of time on the Chexagon Board as you can on the checkerboard. Depending on your level of play. 

The name Chexagon came easy. Chexagon is a hexagon shaped checkerboard. You can play its three premiere games on the one board. They are Checkers, Connection and Gammon.


Depending on its three playing positions you can play up to seven great games on Chexagon including Chess. Special Chess pieces will be the next addition to the Chexagon Board and Games.  

The Checkerboard for the 21st Century

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