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​Chexagon is a great advancement in checkers technology. Any checkers-type game you played on the iconic checker- board you can play on the Chexagon Board. The rules are the same but the games have changed.


This is not your grand's checkerboard.  Chexagon has more get up and go for a new generation. But more than just being a great game, It's STEM powerful. That's right. It is a great math resource for school and home.


Two of the games has proven to help build the foundational math skills- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


The two games: Connection and Gammon, are great math games for early learning from elementary through middle school. It's “Math Made Fun With Chexagon” in the classroom and afterschool programs. 

​Chexagon has been tested with kids and adults alike in classrooms, after-school/mentoring programs, recreation centers, community festivals, classrooms and at school curriculum math nights.


Our company began to get phone calls from teachers when the game showed up in their classroom. We found out later that some parents had intentionally sent the game to school by their child to get the teacher's attention. If you are wondering, "Does my child's classroom have a Chexagon board?" Don't ask, just send a game to your local school, to any classroom as a gift. You want be disappointed and neither will a classroom of students.