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Team Pack


The Team Pack comes with six (6)Chexagon Board and Games with all its components. Each game includes 1 Chexagon Board, 30 blue crown checkers , 30 red crown checkers, 2 yellow 8-sided dice with black numbers, and instructions for playing the three premiere games of Checkers, Connection and Gammon.


Having six (6) games in the classroom, an afterschool  program or a mentoring organization is a great way to introduce "Math made fun with Chexagon" to twelve students at one time. This is an opportunty for students mentoring students one game at a time. 


Any school or classroom can create a math team to compete in a Chexagon Math Competitions using the Chexagon Board. Matheletes will make up a teams of 6 students with 2 reserve students. The fun and growth for mathletes and adults (both teachers and parents) is the training and preparation for scholastic competition. Check out the About Chexagon drop down tab for how to create your team and host a class, school or district competition.  


PLEASE NOTE: To purchase this package without paying taxes the purchaser must submit their institution's 501 (3)c number and verification form. 


By purchasing six games in a master pack you get a better shipping rate rather than ordering a single game. 

Team Pack

SKU: CBG2116
14 Pounds
Excluding Sales Tax

    It has always been when opening your game box, playing pieces falling out has been a problem in the past.

    This is why Foster-Johnson created an inner tray with a storage bay for the game's two dice and 30 checkers pieces. . The Chexagon board fits on top of the inner tray above the storage bay acting like a lid keeping the playing pieces in place when opening. Stoping pieces from falling out. 

    Still, the playing pieces can fall out from time to time. So, we suggest that you place the dice and checkers in a ordinary 6 1/2 x 5 7/8 plastic zip lock bag (not included). Then store the ziplock bag with  playing pieces in the inner tray bay. 

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