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Chexagon is a new gameboard developed for learning while at play for school and home. Each game includes the Chexagon Board, 15 blue crown checkers , 15 red crown checkers, 2 yellow eight-sided dice with black numbers, and instructions for playing the three premiere games of Checkers, Connection and Gammon. 


PLEASE NOTE: To purchase this package without paying taxes the purchaser must submit their institution's 501 (3)c number and verification form. 


SKU: CBG2111
2 Pounds
Excluding Sales Tax

    Playing pieces can fall to the floor from time to time as you open the box. 

    Still, the playing pieces can fall out from time to time. So, we suggest that you place the dice and checkers in a ordinary 6 1/2 x 5 7/8 plastic zip lock bag (not included). Then store the ziplock bag with  playing pieces in the inner tray bay. 

The Checkerboard for the 21st Century

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