The Chexagon Board includes: 

Quad folding game board constructed with sturdy card stock and matted back for long lasting product

15 blue crown checkers and 15 red crown checkers

2 8-sided dice

1 instruction sheet for playing its three premiere games of Checkers, Connection and Gammon.


Storage Tray:

Storge tray with bays for storing the game pieces and an inner lid for storing the game board and instructions. 


Game Box: 

The game box with telescoping lid is sturdy to help store and protect your game for a long time. 

Chexagon Board and Games

SKU: CBG2110
2 Pounds

    It has always been when opening your game box, playing pieces falling out has been a problem in the past.

    This is why Foster-Johnson created an inner tray with a storage bay for the game's two dice and 30 checkers pieces. . The Chexagon board fits on top of the inner tray above the storage bay acting like a lid keeping the playing pieces in place when opening. Stoping pieces from falling out. 

    Still, the playing pieces can fall out from time to time. So, we suggest that you place the dice and checkers in a ordinary 6 1/2 x 5 7/8 plastic zip lock bag (not included). Then store the ziplock bag with  playing pieces in the inner tray bay.