Chase Mission Main Street



Hello Friends and supporters of the Chexagon Board and Games.


Foster-Johnson is in competition for a Mission Main Street Grants. We are competing with other small businesses in all 50 states. To get to the next round and closer to receiving one of the twenty $100,000 grants we need your help.


Foster-Johnson, LLC has to receive at least 250 votes from supporters like you who have a Facebook page account. You can be one of those votes that will get us closer to receiving a grant. You can really help by getting all of your Facebook friends to vote for us also. Any of your friends who have a Facebook account can vote. Together with your help I know that we can get the now  needed 244 votes in just a few days if not just hours.


Just click on the "Vote Now" button to your right and you and your friends can help us get closer to success! Watch our website to keep an eye on our daily count to see how our votes are coming in. The deadline to vote is: 11:59 PM ET 06/19/2015.  It's your move, and as always thanks for your support.


As of today: June 14, 2015

we have

52 of 250 votes needed.


Thanks everybody, but we need 198 more votes to move to the next level. That means that we need to get at least 33 votes per day for the next 6 days. OR WE CAN DO IT TODAY IN THE NEXT HOUR! PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT THE VOTE. :):):)


Clikc on the green


button to search and vote for

Foster-Johnson, LLC today. 

Chexagon Connection Math Competition

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