STEM Science*Technology*Engineering*Mathematics

The mission of the Janet and James Hill Jr., Foundation is to use the Connection Competition to fund math programs and scholarships for primary and secondary education. The goal of the competition is to create  an atmosphere of "Math Made Fun" while learning within our schools, families and the larger communities.


We seek parents to join the conversation about falling math grades in the U.S. and the need for STEM- Science*Technology*Engineering*Mathematics, as the foundation of education in the U.S. Chexagon can help build and raise math skills and scores in students, grades 1-6 and build mental processing skills for middle and high school students.


Chexagon’s unique design consists of 7 games that build and enhance basic math skills in early learning. The company has successfully introduced Chexagon to teachers and school systems in southeast US. Effective STEM education is essential for US supremacy in the global market. We are making the “M” in STEM exciting. Students love it; Chexagon makes math fun!


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