Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 When is the next Chexagon tournament?  How can I sign up? 

The next tournament has not been scheduled yet.  We will send a mass email to all who are interested when arrangements have been made.  Contact by email to join the email list for updated information.


Are all of the checkers used in every Chexagon game?


Thirteen (13) checkers are used by each player in New Age Checkers.  15 checkers are used by each player for Connection and Gammon.


Is accessible and fully operational on mobile devices including iphones, androids and tablets? 



 How do I buy Chexagon games on your website? 

A direct link is provided on our site to PayPal.  Establish your account with them to pay for your game purchase with MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards.  Chexagon games are also available in select stores in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  To see the list of stores that stock Chexagon, click on the Buy Now page link.



Wht is so special about Chexagon over the traditional checkerboard?


Chexagon is 3 games in one—New Age Checkers, Connection and Gammon, played on a six-sided checkerboard with three distinct playing formats.


Can you play chess on the Chexagon Baord?




Open the quadfloded Chexagon Baord with the Chexagon Triangle to the right and Square # 22 to the left. Chess pieces don't come with the board so you have to use your own. On the last row of the board, place your rook, bishop, rook, knight, king, queen, knight, bishop and rook. On the next ror place the eight pawns in fron of each ranking chess pieces.


The pawn placed infront of the rook to rght of of the king can make its initial first move one or two spaces eithier directly forward or diagonal forward right, thereafter it continues with the traditional moves of a pwan.


You can play by the traditional rules of playing chess or make new rules as it relates to how you play chess on the Chexagon Board. 



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